Running with cell phone

running with cellDo you love to run? I know I do. Usually in the morning, before I go to work.

It’s nice to wake up and get some oxygen in lungs. I don’t like to run with headphones, because I can’t get used to have something in my ears. I also didn’t run with my phone. I questioned myself: Where to place a phone? In a back pocket or just have it in a hand? Actually I thought bringing cell phone with me on a running was a stupid idea. I was convinced that the cell would be just a distraction and I couldn’t clear my mind if I bring it with me. So there was no need to think about cell phone accessories for running. I didn’t need them. I just want to enjoy my running. All this has changed drastically.

How did I became a fan of running with cell phone

A few weeks ago I went on a run and I had a little accident. One weird step and I twisted my ankle. Of course that happened on a deserted area and I had to wait for about 15 minutes for someone to come by. Of course those minutes seemed like hours to me. But I couldn’t do anything without help of another jogger.

That taught me a lesson! I immediately bought an armband case cover for my phone and start taking my cell on all my runs. This accessory for running is great. Armband is adjustable and lightweight. Because of my sweat it is especially important that is washable. Armband case cover also protects my cell phone from dust and rain. I recommend this kind of armband to all the runners out there.

armband for cell phone

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Armband for my Samsung

I purchased this armband for my Samsung Galaxy III and it fit perfectly in the case. It’s very well made and sturdy and I think it would last longer than the phone does. I can also easily control the screen of the cell through the plastic part of the armband. So far it was a great purchase!

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