Running with cell phone

running with cellDo you love to run? I know I do. Usually in the morning, before I go to work.

It’s nice to wake up and get some oxygen in lungs. I don’t like to run with headphones, because I can’t get used to have something in my ears. I also didn’t run with my phone. I questioned myself: Where to place a phone? In a back pocket or just have it in a hand? Actually I thought bringing cell phone with me on a running was a stupid idea. I was convinced that the cell would be just a distraction and I couldn’t clear my mind if I bring it with me. So there was no need to think about cell phone accessories for running. I didn’t need them. I just want to enjoy my running. All this has changed drastically.

How did I became a fan of running with cell phone

A few weeks ago I went on a run and I had a little accident. One weird step and I twisted my ankle. Of course that happened on a deserted area and I had to wait for about 15 minutes for someone to come by. Of course those minutes seemed like hours to me. But I couldn’t do anything without help of another jogger.

That taught me a lesson! I immediately bought an armband case cover for my phone and start taking my cell on all my runs. This accessory for running is great. Armband is adjustable and lightweight. Because of my sweat it is especially important that is washable. Armband case cover also protects my cell phone from dust and rain. I recommend this kind of armband to all the runners out there.

armband for cell phone

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Armband for my Samsung

I purchased this armband for my Samsung Galaxy III and it fit perfectly in the case. It’s very well made and sturdy and I think it would last longer than the phone does. I can also easily control the screen of the cell through the plastic part of the armband. So far it was a great purchase!

Accessories are the soul of the mobile phone

There are two kinds of people. Those who don’t care how their cell look like and those who do. Latter also like to buy all sorts of accessories for their mobile devices. Only some years ago there was just car charger in the mobile phone accessories category, but now there is a lot of interesting  and useful stuff you can find in this category.

Bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth headsets are made for people who just can’t live without their phones. They are really useful when you don’t want or can’t hold your phone in hand. They are also very convenient for driving or just hiking in the park.

Carriers and phone holders

Those products are designed for cars, so that phones are safe during the driving. They also enable hands-free usage of cell phones during driving. They are actually good for your phone allowing a safe keeping for it and for you because you will be able to drive more safely.


Headsets are indispensable for every music lover. Phones are becoming more and more alike mp3 players and that’s why there is a big need for headphones amongst all sorts of customers.

Memory Cards

Cell phones are also becoming more and more like cameras. They are constantly making better and consequently bigger photos and videos. All that data need to be stored somewhere. Phones have limited memory, so users have to buy memory cards in order to increase memory of their phones.

Hi-fi and video accessories

Simple headsets are sometimes not enough so the developers have developed portable speakers for cell phones that can provide even greater pleasure in listening to music. There are also adapters for connecting phones to the stereo or even to the TV.

Products for phone protection

There is a big diversity of products that enable protection from shocks and from scratching the cell screen. We will write about those products extensively in the future.

Covers, cases, pouches for you cell phone – Make it yourself

If you don’t like any of cell phone cases that you can buy on the internet, you can make it unique by yourself.


Take one cell case in material like neoprene and your favorite picture. With help of sublicase make it super unique. Watch instructions with imprinting:


If you like to knit, take two needles and yarn, choose best pattern (maybe in different colors) and knit a case or a pouch for your cell phone.
Of course you can also buy cases knitted by machine.


By hand or by machine you can do really nice cell cases, especially for women’s taste. Take some fabric in modern colors and some decorative elements like buttons and make a special case. It can be even more beautiful with your initials stitched on it.

Dress up your phone!

Want modern look for your cell phone or you just don’t like how your new one looks? Dress it up! You can choose between variety of phone cases and covers in many different materials and designs.

When choosing a new cell case is important to know what we are looking for and which factors to consider. These factors are:  design, style, durability, fitment, convenience, thickness, price, protection from dust, water, scratches, etc

Cell phone cases, covers and pouches come in several different materials:


Neoprene is an environmentally, recoverability new material in the world. It feels smooth, soft and it’s high elastic. It’s a good material for a phone case, because of its anti-shock, water-proof, anti-dust and shake-proof characters.


Most users believe that cell phone leather cases are the best. Leather will protect your phone from potential hazards like drops, bumps and spillages. But we must say it’s more expensive than other materials.

Leather Phone Case

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It’s a second skin for your phone. Cases are durable and flexible. They give you a firm grip and provide all-around protection.


Cases can be also made from synthetic – artificial leather. It is cheap and available in many designs and colors.


Hard plastic is available in lot of different colors and styles. For users who wish to show off their phone’s design, are also available completely clear cases. But plastic could look cheap and needs frequent replacement.

Plastic Cover

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Robber material can minimize or entirely prevent screen cracks, internal circuit board damage and scratches on the exterior of the device. Some even come with plugs that seal power and connector ports, so it can protect from spilled beverages and puddle landings. But some users say that their phones become bulky and uncomfortable in pockets.


Usually unique brand covers.

What about styles and designs?  It depends on what you’ll need it for. You can buy a case for wearing around your neck, around your waist or simply in your pocket or handbag.

How does cell phones work?

Everybody knows mobile phones and how to use them. But there is a lot of people who don’t know how exactly mobile technology works.

We believe there is a bunch of people who didn’t even ask themselves how do I get in touch with my friends, who are miles away, through this tiny device. So we went and explore this question for you.

Below is a simple explanation of how the cell phone works.

History of cell phones

Mobile phones are one of the most important objects in our everyday life. Although it’s hard to believe, this global dependence is only about decade old. How did we became so addicted to our cell phones?

It all started in year 1973 with first ever mobile phone which was developed by Motorola. It took ten years for Motorola to be the first who started with commercial selling of their mobile phone model DynaTAC 8000x aka the “brick phone” in 1983. This first cell had a talk time of just 30 minutes and 8 hours of standby and took ten hours to charge. It weighed 2.5 pounds and cost $3,995. By the end of 1984 there was over 250,000 people subscribed to cellular services.

Since 1983 there has been a true mobile revolution. There was constant creating of new producers and new mobile devices and because of this there has been a fast pace development since today.

In the next 30 years mobile phones became one of the most widespread technical Items on the planet Earth. Now there are over 6 billion cell phones in use, penetrating about 87% of the global population.


SMS stands for Short Message Service and was send for the first time from a computer to a mobile phone over the over the Vodafone network on 3 December 1992 in the Great Britain. According to the time of the year the content of the message was: “Merry Christmas”.[

First commercial cell to cell SMS messaging service started in Finland in 1993. Today SMS is the most widely used data application on mobile phones, with 3.5 billion active users, or 78% of all mobile phone subscribers in the world.

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